The wl-pprint package maintainer…

…is now me.

I’ve talked to the previous maintainer who is no longer interested. There was a small change required to support the new ghc (7.10), so I also released a new version. Since the new version only benefits people who need a new ghc, I also added the source-repository field in the cabal file, despite it breaking cabals older than 1.6.

According to hackage, wl-pprint was authored by Daan Leijen. The new github repo is up at
I’ve taken the liberty of forking based on someone else’s patch for GHC 7.10 – thank you Alex Legg!

Incidentally, on hackage, there are several packages with the substring ‘wl-pprint’ in their names, some are newer and better maintained and have more features than others. This situation is rather confusing. wl-pprint itself is being used as a dependency by at least one package I need (language-ecmascript).

It would be nice if the community converged on a single Wadler-pretty-printer package. (Probably not wl-pprint – maybe ansi-wl-pprint?)

The wl-pprint package maintainer…

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