SJS is now known as Inferno

Inferno is a type inference engine for a safe subset of JS. It was formerly known as SJS.

Happy happy joy joy. The poll results are in. The interwebz has said it’s word, and that word is Inferno.

Inferno can stand for “Inference, Noam!” but who cares.

Here are the top results for those of you waiting for something to compile:

9 inferno
8 Safe JS (current name)
8 infer.js
7 saner.js
6 type.js
6 honest
6 antic (A Noam’s Type Inference and Checker 🙂
5 sane.js
5 entypen
4 inferity
4 entype
4 confer


SJS is now known as Inferno

6 thoughts on “SJS is now known as Inferno

    1. Thanks for the heads up. There are probably other things named Inferno, but as long as they are not related to JS, type checking, or web development, it’s fine with me. One can’t be too picky – almost every possible name is already in use by something.

  1. SomeName says:

    Inferno is already a type checker/inferencer available at and cited in

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