Windows 8 is the worst.

Don’t install Windows 8. Don’t buy a laptop that has it.

I tried. I installed windows 8 on my personal laptop. It was so cheap – $15 to upgrade – I decided to give it a shot.

What a mistake.

If you do anything at all with your computer, don’t use Windows 8. For a tablet – maybe, I don’t know. For a computer – no way. Just say no.

I’m not a hater or a flamer, I use almost only Microsoft products all day long (Windows 7 and Visual Studio most of my work day). I like Windows 7.

Here’s a very short list of stuff that kills me (there are many other problems):

1. Windows 8 restarts your machine WHILE YOU ARE USING IT to finish installing updates. It warns you but never gives you the chance to prevent it. You could be in the middle of reviewing an emergency patient’s diagnosis, and *BOOM* machine shuts down and is unusable for at least 5 minutes. You have no option to save your work. You have no option to stop this from happening.

2. The “metro UI” or “new start screen” or “tile area” is horribly confusing because it hides everything else. You can’t see what’s running at a glance. You can’t change this behavior.

3. The “charms” bar requires you to point your mouse to a magical location. You can’t change this. You can’t disable this (and make the freakin’ bar always visible)

4. There is no bloody CLOCK or calendar on the default screen, that annoying “start screen”. You can’t add one without installing a third-party “windows store app”.

5. The control panel is split between the “classic” control panel and some super-simplified – yet non-overlapping – set of options in the “charms” settings area. Go figure where to fix something.

Too bad, Microsoft really screwed this one up.

End of rant. Here’s a more scientific approach that analyzes windows 8’s usability issues.

p.s. some search engine food: windows 8 sucks, windows 8 is bad, windows 8 is horrible, terrible, nasty, don’t use windows 8, don’t install windows 8, keep windows 7, windows 7 is better than windows 8. Google, you get the point.

Windows 8 is the worst.

9 thoughts on “Windows 8 is the worst.

  1. Don't says:

    Disclaimer, I don’t use W* and am a hater of all microsoft products.

    Still I disagree with some of your points… For example 2 and 4.

    2. You don’t need to see what’s running. At least 99% of average users don’t. Coincidently average user is as well a majority. Now why you don’t you ask? Because when you do whatever is your job with one app, you usually don’t use all those background apps actively. When it comes to changing activity, so an app as well, you usually know which app you need to complete your new “urge”.

    4. If it was included by default, nobody could remove it. It is, in some cases, better that you customize your experience yourself.

  2. James Fox says:

    Hi. You beat me to it with this article. I bought a computer for my wife that had windows 8 on it, tried it for 5 minutes and then “upgraded” to windows 7. I’ve since helped out two friends who also simply couldn’t get on with it to do the same thing. Maybe it’s just a learning curve, but it seems like a more fundamental problem than that. The main problem seems to be that it has been primarily designed to be an operating system at home on a tablet, or at least with some kind of touchscreen. I don’t want that, I just want a good old-fashioned operating system to use with a mouse and keyboard. Maybe my desires are different to mainstream users, given that I’m a software developer. I use a few operating systems: OS/X on my macbook, linux mint on my netbook, windows 7 for windows-based development and android on my tablet. So it’s not like I’m not adaptable, but I just don’t feel comfortable with Windows 8.

    1. Noam Lewis says:

      It’s not a learning curve thing. I’ve been using windows 8 for a few months now. It simply isn’t good for desktop use (I didn’t try it on a tablet).

  3. Hi, well I can feel some of your pain, but I *would* go for Win8 on new machines – why? Well because it’s faster and there are some worthy changes like the new process-manager.

    The hole Metro (don’t care if there is an legal issue with this name) thing is a no-go first but you soon learn to use it, and as a programmer who is used to working with the keyboard it is no problem at all (there are plenty of shortcuts on top of the old win7 ones)

    Indeed I own a laptop with touchscreen and guess what: I don’t wont to miss Win8 there – it really is nice to work with the new system on a touchscreen.

    Aside from this: ever OS has it issues – for example I have Ubuntu installed on most of my systems as well (there are things in Haskell / Programming land you don’t want to do on a Win machine) and ther I really hate the new Unity stuff and the Menubar that hides on your desktop … bah

  4. Mike Smelcher says:

    Seems like they should atleast make things we’re already using comapatible with any upgraded system. Nothing that I use for my computer for work works on Windows 8. I’m not a preofessional, I use simple things and they still don’t work. Like my Godaddy email account. My website editing site, etc.
    I agree, this might be ‘fun’ for some folks but not for real and timely work to get done and it definitely doesn’t work with the programs that I use that work in the other OS.

  5. randy roy says:

    I should have known. I had 4 days.left on my warranty (DV 7 Windows 7) and When i ship it to HP. And they did not repair it .they offered to send me a new DV 7 with a full warranty but with Windows 8. I very seldom ever use it. Microsoft should re call it and these big companies need to not accept crap from Microsoft. I bet their sales would be 30 percent lower if they were not giving them away for free. I will wait till windows 9 is available before I use this. Meanwhile I will shop fof

  6. Dude i think you just dont understand the technicalities that come along with windows products, funny enough you are still locked in the past version where you seemed comfortable enough please try to move out of your comfort zone and explore more you will never realsise the beauties that come with that baby windows 8. Lucky enough am not a surgeon ,Am a tech support and my clients have accepted windows eight for its advantages not those snobby tendencies

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